Website Copywriting Services

You have 3 seconds to make an impression with your website.

What impression does your website give your visitors?

If your website isn’t performing as desired, it is time to re-evaluate your copy and SEO strategy.
Don’t go it alone. Hire a professional with website copywriting experience to transform your website.

Struggling with your website?

“If you build it, they will come.”

Heard that before? For many years, that was the prevailing wisdom guiding businesses and organizations.

But it is 2024. The times have changed. Your target audience has grown wiser and more savvy. They know what they want, and they don’t have time to waste with anything else.

According to Neil Patel, a New York Times bestselling author and marketing entrepreneur, you have about 3 to 10 seconds to make a good first impression with your website. Perhaps even less.

That is 3 seconds to impress your visitors with benefit-focused website copy that authentically speaks to them… and includes the right keywords for search engines.

Your website is one of your most powerful business and marketing assets — if it is written well.

Does this sound familiar?

  • Your monthly website traffic isn’t increasing.
  • Your website’s rankings in search engines are low.
  • Overall engagement with your target audience is low.
  • The traffic you do get isn’t converting to sales as expected.

Your website is an amazing opportunity to establish authority in your industry, connect with your target audience, and guide your ideal customers to take the next desired step.

Your website visitors should know within seconds:

  • what you are offering
  • how it benefits them
  • what they should do next

What should you do?

Don’t just build a website. Craft the best marketing asset through research, SEO planning, carefully written copy, and strategic calls to action.

But you are a busy business owner. You already wear more hats than you’d prefer. You have very little time in your schedule for yet another time-consuming task!

Wish you could focus on your zone of genius?

Hire a website copywriter.

Your purpose is clear. Your time is precious.
Let me use the power of words to increase your website’s reach.

Benefits of collaborating with a website copywriter

You can DIY your website or blog… but it can take years to understand SEO and develop your writing skills.

Years you could spend on what you are already amazing at — your business!

Outsourcing website copywriting, writing quality blogs, and other services means you can focus on your strengths and let a trusted professional take care of the rest.

What are your responsibilities?

Simply share your business needs and goals as part of the consultant booking process, fill in an onboarding questionnaire after signing the contract, hop on the necessary calls to share your needs and vision, and provide your revisions when the first draft is ready for review.

You relax knowing that a conscientious copywriter is doing the hard work for you.

My Process: What to expect


What Do You Need?

We’ll schedule a discovery call to discuss your needs, budget, and goals.

Come prepared to talk about:

  • Your business.
  • Your most pressing needs.
  • Your goals and expectations.
  • What kind of work you’re looking for.
  • Your target audience.
  • Your budget and timeline.

I’ll follow up with a proposal, contract, and invoice for a 50% deposit to secure your place on my calendar.


Let’s Start Right

The type of research I do depends on the type of project.

For website projects, this is often a website audit report and includes a strategy call to review the results and recommendations.

For blog writing projects, this is a target audience analysis and includes a strategy call to review your brand guide, voice, style, etc.

In base cases, I encourage open collaboration on the best next steps and we’ll craft a personalized plan to reach your goals.


Personalized To You

I start drafting your content from my lovely home in sunny Arizona.

For on-going projects, we will have weekly updates and open communication throughout our partnership.

For one-time projects, I will send my first draft for you to review and suggest corrections or edits. The number of revisions depends upon the type of project, but I want you to be happy with the final results.

The final 50% payment will be invoiced when the first drafts are delivered.


Use It Immediately

Once completed, your content will be delivered publish ready!

You will receive a Google doc formatted to allow copy and paste of the content and suggestions on heading sizes and some page layout suggestions (e.g. two columns, image placement, etc.).

For on-going projects, we’ll move on to the next task in our partnership.

For one-time projects, we’ll wrap up everything all nice and neat, and I’ll send over a short feedback survey.

Peace of mind is worth the investment!

“So amazing! There aren’t enough words to express my gratitude
for your patience, willingness, and overall drive to go above and
beyond what I could have expected.”
Veronica Godkin, Founder
A Worshipper’s Devotional

Website Copywriting services

Whether you need a refresh of your homepage or an overhaul of your full site, I have a website copywriting package that will meet your needs.

New Webpage

Your website growing? I can craft a new webpage for you.

We’ll collaborate on the objective and target audience of the new webpage and I’ll create new content personalized for your needs and optimized for SEO.

Website Audit

Not sure what your website needs are? Request a website audit!

You’ll receive the results in an easy-to-read report and get a complementary strategy call where I share my recommendations for next steps.

Single Blogs

Need a particular piece for your business blog? Adding diverse voices through guest blogs?


  • Researched content
  • SEO optimization
  • Desired call to action
  • Up to two revisions

Estimated Rates:

~1000 words = $300

~2000 words = $350

~3000 words = $400

Custom Retainers

Have a unique goal in mind or working with a specific budget? Website copy, blogs, email sequences — I can customize a retainer package just for you.

Let’s set up a free 30-minute discovery call to see if my services and expertise are a good fit for your needs.

From there, we’ll strategize the right retainer package for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Sun setting over a desert ridge and illuminating a few saguaro cacti, just like website copywriting can illuminate your benefits to your ideal audience.

Do you have questions? I’ve put some of the common ones here for your convenience.

What is website copywriting?

Copywriting is the art and science of creating quality written content that engages, builds trust, and guides your audience to a specific action.

Website copywriting is applying the principles and techniques of copywriting to a specific type of content: websites!

Websites are often a business’s greatest online asset. A well-written website that connects with your ideal audience and is optimized for search engines has become crucial.

Why hire a website copywriter?

You are busy running your business. Sure, you could attempt to DIY it. But do you have the time and energy?

Sometimes the best business decision is to outsource work to a professional.

A website copywriter understands search engine optimization and quality writing mention to connect, engage, and convert. We blend the two to reach the audiences that matter for your business: your ideal customers and search engines.

Why work with Waymarks Copywriting?

There are many SEO agencies out there that over-promise and under-deliver. Many content writers write for websites and blogs but don’t optimize for search engines or use techniques to guide audiences to do a desired action.

Waymarks Copywriting isn’t an SEO agency. I’m also not a content writer.

There is no cookie-cutter, impersonal work happening here. No generic SEO mumbo-jumbo, gimmicks, tricks, or AI-written blogs.

Waymarks Copywriting is a personalized service.

I’m a professional specializing in website copywriting and high-quality blog writing to enhance your site, engage with your desired audience, and build authority with search engines.

I care about your business and carefully customize each of my projects to fit your unique needs. We collaborate and work together to achieve your goals.

How much is a consultation?

Your first 30-minute consultation is free. Ready to book your call?

How do payments work?

Stand-alone projects: 

For projects under $500, the full amount is due upfront.

For projects over $500, a deposit (50% of the total project price) is due at contract signing to secure your place in my schedule. The remaining 50% will be invoiced when the first draft(s) are sent for your review.

Note: Revisions will not be completed until after the final payment is received.

Retainers: The agreed-upon monthly price will be invoiced on the first business day of the month for the duration of the contract. Payment is due seven business days later.

Do you charge late fees?

Payments are due seven business days after the original invoice is sent.

Late payments will be charged a 3% late fee and all in-progress work will be stopped until the payment is received.

Do you refund for cancellations?

No. When you pay the project deposit, I block time on my calendar to complete your project. All of my work is customized specifically for your needs. If the project is canceled before completion, that is an investment of time, preparation, and partial or complete work that I cannot get back nor sell to another client.

I do not refund any percentage of payment(s) already made when contracts or projects are ended (by either party) pre-maturely.

How long does a website copywriting project take?

The timeline for a website copywriting project varies depending on the scope of the project, revision turnarounds, my availability, and more. Basically… each project is unique and will have a customized timeline.

To secure your place in my schedule, you must sign a contract and pay the deposit.

How many rounds of edits/revisions are included?

Procrastination through perfectionism can quickly derail a project. To prevent this, I have carefully chosen the number of revisions included in each package.

The Website Audit and Repair, Collaborative Homepage Makeover, and Elite Blog Retainer include two revisions per page or blog.

The Homepage Refresh and Essentials Blog Retainer include revision per page or blog.

Need more edits? For each webpage or blog, it will cost $100 per additional revision.

Your question not answered? Send me an email at

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Hi! I’m Jacquelyn Van Sant.

And I’m a web professional specializing in website copywriting, writing high-quality blogs, and providing web strategy consultations.

I have been working in the web industry — as a designer, developer, content manager, project manager, client onboarding specialist, and hosting migration expert — for fifteen years.

I love writing and helping others.

So I brought my passions together with my web experience to help businesses and organizations enhance your websites to attract your ideal people, ethically guide them to action, and build your authority with search engines.

I’d love to work with you. Let’s talk about your needs.

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